About Us

Operations Officer- Marilyn Eaton


Marilyn Eaton joins SRR as their Operations Officer.  She is a mom of 2  boys (both runners), teacher and coach.   An avid runner Marilyn brings a  wealth of experience to the club,  having coached for over 15 years  with multiple District Championships and a State Championship to her  credit.  She is extremely excited to become a part of the SRR team and  help advocate for the sport of running. 

President-Paul Myers


Paul Myers is so fast that we couldn’t stop him to ask for any info for his bio. People who claim they’ve caught up to this international man of mystery at random water stations, say that he started running somewhere in the hills of Pottstown. The former celebrity DJ and actor once co-hosted a television game show named “Run for Your Life”, that ran into predictable legal troubles during its pilot season. Although he’s incredibly fast, Paul started SRR out of a deep commitment to all runners, and believes that, through running, we can all make the world a better place. 

Vice President - Max Kasten


    I ran into Paul at one of his early races that I participated in.  We shared a passion for running to go along with helping people and charities. I am a long time member of Conshy Running and also a founding member of Conshy Racing inc. Four friends and myself direct the Conshy 5k every year! When I am not racing or planning a race I enjoy making my own beer with some friends and having a good time.

Our Motto

 Schuylkill River Runners is a dedicated group of runners that came together for the betterment of the community. We want to share our Love for running and helping by bringing people together from all walks of life to join forces in the same positive direction.  We strive to provide  a family oriented, healthy, positive, enthusiastic atmosphere to run, race and socialize while supporting the communities and charitable organizations that are close to our heart's.  We hope to utilize our passion for the sport by ascertaining these Goals: Building friendships, positive encouragement and improving ourselves with no regard to age, gender, culture, experience or pace.  Let's create unity through running while growing with our shared experiences!  NO runner will ever be left behind!!